Our missions


Accounting is an essential component in the conduct of your business and requires daily rigour in the keeping of documents and the recording of transactions. These tasks will of course be taken care of by our professionals. However, we will not stop at the purely administrative aspect. Based on the data collected, we will highlight the information that is essential in the decision-making process.

Plan today to better manage tomorrow

The creation of a coherent strategy is based on an analysis prior to any decision. To do this, a good knowledge of tax legislation, particularly in the area of inheritance, is essential. That is why our experts use their skills to draw up relevant plans for you, on the basis of which you can make the best choices.


A good knowledge of the legislation in force seems necessary in order to limit the impact of tax rules on your structure. However, as these rules are very complex, our fiduciary company will offer you valuable support and guide you on the most judicious path.

Assistance to professionals…

A fair tax

This means that the amount will differ depending on the activity of each company. With this in mind, our tax specialists will provide you with personalised support, whether it be to help you with your various procedures (tax returns, VAT returns, etc.) or to guide you along the most appropriate path.

…and to individuals

They are also affected, as they have to fill in a tax return every year. This document is often difficult to understand, but it must be completed without error in order to arrive at the exact amount of your tax.


The right assistance for you

We always place our skills at your disposal with the utmost respect for your needs and wishes. You can thus benefit from one-off interventions for specific missions or long-term support for all aspects of your financial management

A double objective

Making your structure sustainable

This necessarily involves the controlled management of your financial flows and investments. At the same time, optimising your cash flow must also be a priority.

Yes, but… how do you know which choices will be beneficial in the long term? This is the question that the professionals at TS COMPTABILITÉ ET FISCALITÉ will answer, thanks to a detailed analysis of your situation. Don’t be afraid to tell them what you want, they will listen to you and advise you with kindness.

In particular, we will ensure that you are alerted when a risk arises or, on the contrary, when an opportunity arises.

Managing on a daily basis

In addition to the major decisions that arise at key moments in the growth of your company, you will also have to organise the day-to-day management of your business. In this context too, our tax accountants in Brussels can offer you their best recommendations.

Getting started

A well-prepared project is a project that has a better chance of success!

This is why we can be present during the different stages of the creation of your company, during the study of the project, during its creation and its setting up and in the different stages necessary for the setting up of your company.

Thanks to well-known and efficient partners, we can quickly help you with procedures such as setting up a company, dealing with the company counter or contacting the social secretariat.

An “all-inclusive” service at your disposal so that your main concern remains setting up your business.


Asking the right questions

Before embarking on your project, you should first ask yourself about its chances of success. However, within the framework of a commercial structure, the decisions to be taken will be numerous, and it will be difficult for you to analyze each aspect.

You don’t know what is the best choice between leasing and buying your equipment? Do you want to be advised on the nature of your future investments? Or you want to carry out a large-scale operation, such as a merger or an acquisition?

Call on the right people

Asking yourself about the benefits and implications of your choices is the first step. The second step consists of targeted and judicious action, based on careful consideration. Our tax accountants are always at your side to provide you with their expertise in order to validate your objectives.

The business plan

At this stage, you must carefully plan the organization you will observe for your business, especially in terms of finances. What will be your initial investments? Do you need to hire human resources? What revenues do you expect to generate in the first three years?

These questions – and many others! – will naturally find their answers in our various interventions. We will therefore prepare the launch of your business in the field, point by point.